Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cover Reveal: Children’s book about an Australian farmer’s busy morning

Farmers Clare and Kurt Bickers of Western Australia have simultaneously published their first book and kicked off their new company, In the process, they’ve begun fulfilling their vision of creating profits to be reinvested into green projects that will help address climate change and improve the lives of the very kids reading their books. 
 Bickers Cover
In their colorfully illustrated debut title "Farmer George’s Busy Morning," kids ages three through seven will delight in seeing just how Farmer George spends a typically busy morning on his farm in Irwin, Western Australia. The story follows Farmer George and his two dogs, Evie and Lilly, as they see to the needs of the numerous animals – fourteen different types, in all – who depend upon them.

From collecting a basketful of duck eggs to feeding a trio of orphaned babies (a calf, a lamb, and a kid) to making sure the alpacas are keeping the lambs safe from foxes, this humorous, educational, and entertaining book shows readers just how busy a farmer’s day truly is and also how taking good care of the farm means taking good care of the environment.

The book concludes with a page of photographs of the real Farmer George hard at work at some of his daily chores, the real Evie and Lilly close by his side. It also contains two black and white pages that kids can color plus a series of questions and answers about farm life, such as "Why are frogs important," "Why do the dogs have three tails in the book?", and "Why does Farmer George drive around the paddocks and check the stock?"

Clare comments, "Kurt and I thought, ‘Why not write a children's book about our farm for kids to enjoy and incorporate a green initiative at the same time?’ From the profits of our book sales, we would like to create carbon credits and a clean energy future to be achieved through planting trees, with other clean energy future investments to follow."

"My girls love your book! So many quirky little questions come up each and every time we read it. I'm no 'country farm girl' so cheers for the questions and answers at the back! You may have to think about writing a next book as my girls are curious as to what Farmer George does after morning jobs, morning tea and biscuits?" ~ Bianca O'Malley, teacher, St. Lawrence's Primary School, Geraldton, Western Australia

AUTHOR:  Clare Bickers is a mother of two, a stepmum of one, director of (and every other job below director that Kurt doesn’t do), and co-author of the children’s book "Farmer George's Busy Morning." She is also a traveler and Kurt's wife and best friend. Kurt Bickers is a father of three, a farmer, a qualified Master Mariner, an offshore oil and gas worker, and co-author and illustrator of "Farmer George's Busy Morning." He is also a video producer, photographer, and artistic director for 

Farmer George’s Busy Morning
 Authors: Clare and Kurt Bickers
 Illustrator: Kurt Bickers
Category: Illustrated Children’s Books; Hard Cover: 978-0987384409
 32 pages, $15.00
 eBook: 978-0987384430, $3.00



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