Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Children’s Picture Book for Readers of All Ages

Illustrated children’s picture book for readers of all ages shows how love can transform the universe and connect everyone in it.
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Imagine experiencing love – pure, true love – through all your senses. Imagine being able to call upon that love even when you feel angry, lonely, or sad.

Hilda Jarvis’ inspiring new illustrated children’s picture book "What I Dreamed Last Night – A Story for Children of All Ages" conveys how this marvelous experience happens to a little girl named Luna Star who dreams she is part of the universe and finds herself beautifully and irrevocably altered.

In her dream, as Luna realizes she is connected with everyone and everything, she feels like a star. Floating, shining, glowing with joy and peace, she realizes the universe moves in perfect harmony as it turns round and round.

Fully connected to all that is, with pure love dancing in her heart, Luna awakens to the joyful realization that she holds within herself the ability to rekindle this feeling of transformative love at any time by reconnecting with the trees and plants, the flowers and stars, the moon and sun around her.

In so doing, she connects with – and passes on to others – all the love in her heart.
Jarvis comments, "Luna learns that love is all we are and all that we need. She learns that love is all about connection, about getting back in touch with who we truly are." She adds, "I actually had this dream. It was a phenomenal experience, total euphoria, pure love. I had to get out of bed to write it down because I didn't want to forget it."

Author: Hilda Jarvis resides in Ashtabula, Ohio, with her dog Tommy and her cat Snowball. She speaks both English and Spanish and enjoys reading books, taking pictures of flowers, and riding her bicycle. She does body and energy work and also enjoys yoga and meditation. She loves to sing and dance every chance she gets.
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What I Dreamed Last Night: 
A Story for Children of all Ages by Hilda Jarvis; Relaxing for Health, LLC
Category: Fiction, Body, Mind & Spirit, Family & Relationships
Soft Cover: 978-0989740203, $9.95; eBook: $3.99; Availability: Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, RelaxingforHealth.com

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