Friday, April 11, 2014

Modern-day pirate whose winning ways at first cause chaos and then save the day

Irresistible adventure for ages three on up introduces a modern-day pirate whose winning ways at first cause chaos and then save the day; each book comes with its own wooden Melissa & Doug kazoo!
Levesque Cover FINAL-FINAL
Pirates are fascinating, no matter their age, and the new children’s book by Erika Levesque will captivate those who yearn to sail at sea, not to mention those who will enjoy the added treasure that comes with the book: their very own wooden kazoo.

"The Pirate and the Kazoo" tells the tale of a young pirate who, if truth be told, isn’t very good at his job. Not only has this law-abiding buckaneer never plundered any booty, he hasn’t fought in a single fight! He’s so inept, in fact, that his comrades decide to maroon him on an island with only his parrot, his cat, his compass, and his fishing net.

Levesque Kazoo
A bit woebegone, hoping to catch a fish, this less-than-swashbuckling pirate dips his net deep in the ocean. To his surprise, he catches a pelican wearing a kazoo! The little pirate can’t believe his good luck:
"Shiver me timbers!" he squealed in delight,Inspecting his first piece of loot.He had heard of kazoos in old pirate tales, butWould he be able to make this thing toot?

After a few tries, with the help of his trusty parrot, the young pirate learns how to play his small kazoo. Could it be he’s found his niche? Sure enough, as his lyrical notes waft out to sea, his old comrades are charmed and rethink their decision to leave him behind.

This delightful tale whimsically illustrated by Matthew Batchelder celebrates diversity in gender, race, and ability and encourages interaction and discovery, with something for young readers to explore on each page.

Levesque comments, "As an educator, I understand the importance of nurturing a variety of creative outlets for children. As well as encouraging a love of literature, I thought it important to provide a means for children to be exposed to music, in this case the kazoo. This story provides young readers with the opportunity to express themselves musically while learning how to play the kazoo simultaneously with the pirate."

AUTHOR: Erika Levesque leads a life chock-full of travel and adventure. Originally from Connecticut, Erika currently resides and teaches wily middle schoolers in Shanghai, China. When not out circumnavigating the globe, Erika lives with her husband and their mischievous cats Dot and Easy Squirt. "The Pirate and the Kazoo" is Erika’s first, but most definitely not her last, book for children.

ILLUSTRATOR: Matthew Batchelder is a software engineer and doodler from Plymoth, New Hampshire, who loves games, eating cucumbers, playing racquetball, and drawing things! In addition to "The Pirate and the Kazoo," Matthew’s illustrations can be seen on the covers of The Lux Campfire Chronicles series and The Last Mountains. Matthew has two great kids, Samantha and Madison, a lovely wife, Abigail, and a crazy cat named Cubbie.

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