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Take to the galaxy with the Friendeshans and the Oily Spoilies!

New illustrated series for kids offers many lessons on spreading friendship and positive energy rather than meanness and negativity.
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In his new Friend Ship Friendesha series, author Joe Scott, co-author Andy Wolfendon, and illustrator R. Boone offer a bright new take on going positive, with palpable benefits for aliens, people, and planets too.

In Book 1 in the series, readers meet the Friendeshans, a lovable race of beings who spread friendship and their own special brand of positive energy known as pozzi-power throughout the galaxy.
Alas, it isn’t long before the Friendeshans encounter the Oily Spoilies, creatures that thrive on meanness and negativity and who delight in spreading their nastiness to every planet they can find. They squirt their invisible oil on people and beings to make them mad, bad, and sad.

What will happen when an Oily Spoily spy gets aboard the Friendeshan’s spaceship, the F. S. Friendesha? Read Book 1 to find out.

In Book 2 of the series, readers meet a young Earthling named Kiley who loves spending time with her Grandpa Gus. For some reason, lately, Grandpa seems more interested in the strange machine he’s built to send messages into outer space. One day, while Grandpa is napping, Kiley beams out her own message. To her surprise, it’s answered by the Friendeshans – the most pozzi-powered beings in the galaxy!

Kiley is delighted to learn the Friendeshans are on their way to Earth, because the nasty Oily Spoilies have already arrived. They’re making everyone grouchy and mean, even one of Kiley’s best friends!
Book 3 of this on-going series will be coming out in May, 2014.

As the series unfolds, the Friendeshans work their pozzi-power on planet Earth, unseen by most humans. Scott explains that the Friendeshans are like loyal, invisible friends children can carry with them in their imaginations. With the Friendeshans around, he notes, every child has a friend.

Scott comments, "I wrote the Friend Ship Friendesha series for my grandchildren, but it’s for any child who has ever been picked on.  I want all kids to be completely aware of what positive and negative energies can do. There’s a gold mine of positive energy hiding inside all of us."

He adds, "This series is all about keeping our planet clean and the environment green,  and keeping kids and parents positive. It has a strong anti-bullying message and offers many lessons on approaching each other by being kind."

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Author: Joe Scott is a contractor and real estate developer who built a thriving enterprise from a truck and a toolbox. He has negotiated thousands of business deals involving corporate executives, homeowners, bankers, laborers, and union officials. In addition, he has hired, and been hired by, individuals from every walk of life. Through these dealings, Joe has learned that all people fall into three types – givers, takers, and those who both give and take. Knowing how to recognize and cope with all three types is the key to his success. In this children’s series, he hopes to instill in kids a good foundation for a happy and positive life. His first book, "The Joe Dial," released in 2011, is age appropriate for those who are 12 to 95 years old. It is also available at all major retailers and as a download.

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The Friend Ship Friendesha Series by Joe Scott with co-author Andy Wolfendon and illustrator R. Boone
Category: Illustrated Children’s Fiction
Book 1- Hard Cover: 978-0-9894974-0-4 $14.95
Book 2- Hard Cover, 978-0-9894974-1-1 $14.95
eBook: $9.95
Availability:  Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBook

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