Monday, May 12, 2014

New series stars an introverted turtle and an extroverted puppy

Can an introverted turtle and an extroverted puppy overcome their differences and become friends? By extension, can introverted and extroverted humans?

The newly released children’s book "Ned & Rosco" by author Robin Robinson explores the personality traits of introversion and extroversion and demonstrates that if we can just get past our initial judgments and inhibitions, these two personality types can teach each other a great deal and can even become friends.

Ned is an introverted turtle who loves to read and spend quiet time contemplating his world. Fascinated by butterflies, he one day ventures to a distant meadow to study them firsthand.
Before long, Ned’s idyllic world is shattered by a rambunctious puppy who comes bounding into the meadow, destroying his peace and scaring all the butterflies away. An irritated Ned tries to be polite, but he really wants Rosco to leave.

Rosco, in turn, really wants to play with Ned, but the studious turtle resists the puppy’s overtures. Eventually, Rosco’s exuberance beckons him to new adventures, and he scampers off.
Ned’s relief turns to dismay when he discovers that his butterflies have disappeared, too. As he crests the top of a hill, looking for new subjects to study, he sees something astonishing in the meadow below: the energetic Rosco is sitting quietly, surrounded by dozens of fluttering butterflies!

What happens next in this bright and whimsically illustrated tale will leave readers with a greater appreciation for those whose personality traits are quite different from their own. Indeed, as Ned and Rosco learn, our differences can actually be quite beneficial.

Robinson, whose work as a student affairs coordinator familiarized her with the well-known Myers Briggs Personality Test, wanted to write an insightful story that helps parents and teachers better understand themselves and the children they love and care for.

She explains that in addition to educating and sensitizing parents and teachers to a general understanding of the psychology of personality, the book sheds light on how introversion and extroversion relate to such areas as bossiness, shyness, bullying, learning styles, diversity, friendship, popularity, respect for others, and ADHD. Through the website blog available at, Robinson offers guidance on how parents and teachers can use "Ned & Rosco" to explore these issues.

She comments, "This book is written for kids but speaks to adults. My goal was to present the concepts of introversion and extroversion in a simple artistic format that people from eight to eighty can identify with. After all, what good does it do to learn about human personality if you can’t put it to use in school and at home?"

The next three books in the series will explore perception, judgment, and attitude. With the full set in hand, notes Robinson, "Parents and teachers will have all the tools they need to nurture the nature in their children."

"What is not to love about this book? Adorable characters, lessons about personality, and such a cute and entertaining story. There better be a second book! I want to find out what happens next with these two fun friends!" ~ Review by Kali Rogers

AUTHOR: Robin Robinson was born in Oklahoma City in 1962. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in journalism in 1984. During her marriage of twenty-five years to an Air Force psychologist, Robin traveled across the United States teaching literacy to preschoolers and kindergarten children. She also lived for three years in northern Japan, where she taught English as a second language to Japanese children and adults. In her last job as a student affairs coordinator for a medical school, Robin used the Myers Briggs personality test to place students in groups in order to facilitate team-based learning. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Ned & Rosco by Robin Robinson with illustrations by Kristin Carella; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Education, Psychology; Hard Cover: 978-0578132143, $16.99; Availability:

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