Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review: Early Birdy Gets the Worm

Early Birdy Gets the Worm – A PictureReading Book for Young Children by Bruce Lansky
*2014 Gold Winner in Children’s Picture Books from the Mom’s Choice Awards*
*2014 Silver Award Winner in Education from the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Parenting Resources competition*

About the Book:
Waking up early one morning, Early Birdy watches Mother Birdy catch a worm. Inspired, Early Birdy wants to catch one too. But catching a worm isn’t as easy as it looks. Join Early Birdy on an exciting and funny adventure set in a beautiful springtime forest created by illustrator Bill Bolton.

Author Bruce Lansky’s engaging PictureReading books are meant to be read to, with, and by children. How can preschoolers and children who are still learning to read possibly read these stories with and to adults? Simple: The stories contain no words, so children can “read” the pictures and use that visual information to tell the stories.

Our Thoughts:
This is a very different type of picture book from typical books parents, grandparents and teachers are used to seeing for young readers. You won't find any words, just beautiful illustrations. What we loved about this concept is it allows the reader (adult or child) to tell the story as they see it in their mind's eye.

By using picture clues, the author helps teach children the basics of critical thinking, sequencing and using their imaginations. We also feel these types of books can be used for older children who are reluctant readers to help they learn in a simple way reading can be fun.

There is a user guide for parents and teachers, not to mention the following websites below.
To see PictureReading in action, check out the trailer for Early Birdy Gets the Worm:

For more information please visit for learning resources that include:
  • Lesson plans
  • Story summaries
  • Vocabulary words
  • Background knowledge questions
  • Reading prompts
Early Birdy Gets the Worm (Hardcover, $15.99, On-Sale May 6, 2014) is available for review as a PDF, galley, or finished hardcover edition.

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