Friday, November 14, 2014

ABC Book Explores New Vocabulary while Celebrating the Gross Things Kids Love

A, B, C, Disgusting
Author and Illustrator: Catherine Dawgert
Publisher: Woodland Way
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Hard Cover: 978-0996027823

The author of the new ABC book for kids sums it up like this: learning the ABCs has never been more disgusting.
In "A, B, C, Disgusting," author and illustrator Catherine Dawgert offers a unique, hilarious, and downright gross opportunity to learn the alphabet that’s sure to leave children – and quite possibly their parents – laughing with every letter.

From Ape Armpits to Flamingo Farts to Zebra Zits, Dawgert’s colorful creations and uproarious wordplay offer an ingenuous take on what is often a rather tame exercise in learning the alphabet.

Not so here. Dawgert, who has written books for each of her eight nieces and nephews, notes that "A, B, C, Disgusting" encourages multiple readings while exploring new vocabulary. She wrote this book for a nephew who, like many children, loves gross humor. She comments, "Getting the giggles is just part of the fun."

"A, B, C, Disgusting" won a gold medal for Best Illustrator in the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards for Dawgert’s marbling technique as well as her pen and ink drawings and hand-stamped lettering.

Sarah Dawgert, the book’s publisher as well as the author’s sister, notes that Woodland Way’s books are intended to bring joy to kids and the adults who care about them. They offer authentic reading experiences that foster kindness, respect, empathy, resilience, and laughter while respecting kids and the world as they see it.

"This book is wonderful! All four of my kids (ranging in age from six years old to two years old) love this book. So do my husband and I. It is hilarious and very educational. My kids have learned so many new vocabulary words from this book. Also, [we] really enjoy the illustrations showing all of the cool things that begin with a particular letter. Such a fun read for the entire family!" ~ Reader Review by Alyssa G.

Author: Catherine Dawgert, a unique new voice in children’s literature, delivers stories that kids care about with creative characters, exquisite artistry, and a sense of whimsy. Her own story is one of caring and adventure, from her work as a nurse and massage therapist to time spent teaching abroad and volunteering in clinics and corrections systems. Catherine currently lives in Nashville, TN with her equally caring and adventurous dog, Stella, and is completing a nurse practitioner program. Originally from Clarks Summit, PA, her family consists of her parents, three sisters, two brothers-in-law, eight nieces and nephews, and her fiancé. She wrote this book while living in Pittsburgh, PA.

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