Monday, November 3, 2014

Book teaches young girls about friendships, leadership, confidence and being themselves

Author Emily Madill has made it part of her life’s work to create stories that aim to boost children’s confidence. Sam’s Magic Mirror is Madill’s twelfth children’s title. The characters in this chapter style book are inspired by Emily’s nieces and dedicated to girls everywhere. Emily’s motto that she instills in all of her writing is to ‘Believe in Yourself’. Sam’s Magic Mirror has successfully weaved this important virtue throughout the storyline. Madill wanted to create a story that all girls can relate to and says, "We all have something special to bring to the table. This book aims to teach girls to own their uniqueness and to respect and honor their differences."

About Sam’s Magic Mirror: Sam's friends nominate her to be class president, but Sam can't see what everyone else does. What makes her special? Sam learns the hard way that everything she needs to be a good leader is right there staring back at her from the mirror, if she can just stay true to herself. This book teaches young girls about friendships, leadership, confidence and being themselves. Ideal for girls ages 6-9, the story comes to life with the help of full color illustrations throughout. Join Sam on her journey to find out what makes a good leader, and whether or not she's got what it takes to be class president! More information online at

Sam’s Magic Mirror is available for purchase from online sellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo.

"This book teaches girls about friendships, leadership, confidence and most importantly to 'Be who you uniquely are!'"- Angela Slade MA, RCC Founder of

Emily is the author of several confidence boosting books for children. She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive for Kids. Emily has also published a series of inspirational articles for adults. Emily Madill lives on Vancouver Island, BC with her husband and two sons. She has a degree in Business and Psychology. Emily believes in the importance of teaching children accountability and empowerment from a young age. She enjoys writing and creating anything that will inspire others to believe in themselves. Being a mother is the most creative job she has had to date. Emily is also available for hire as a freelance writer and specializes in inspirational articles. Check out Emily’s Weekly Confidence Booster. Check out Emily’s Blog, ‘Inspire, Be Inspired’.

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