Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Uplifting new book reassures children that love survives loss

Love Is Forever by Casey Rislov; Casey Rislov Books; Category: Juvenile Fiction; Hard Cover: 978-0615884059, $15.95; Availability:,

No matter our age, we all struggle when faced with the loss of a loved one. This difficult and heart wrenching time can be especially challenging for children who might be experiencing loss for the first time.

In her tender and reassuring new children’s book Love Is Forever, Casey Rislov shares how Little Owl and her family cope with the death of their beloved Grandfather Owl by sharing memories and keeping love alive in the present and in the future.

Accompanied by soft and endearing illustrations that portray the joy of remembering shared activities like fishing and flying kites together, this gentle and wise book told from the perspective of Grandfather Owl shows adults and children that love survives loss.

An excerpt from the book reads:
My love for you will never stop.It lives on in your laughter, in your heart,and in your thoughts. 
Faith is a kind of love that brought meto you. Trust in this faith –it is constant and true.

In addition to giving caregivers and children a beautiful way to begin talking about loss, Rislov provides additional resources and information at the back of the book from professionals who work with children and families experiencing grief.

She comments, "I wrote this book because I felt like there were few children’s books that addressed this important topic. Losing my brother when he was two years old and more recently my mother is easier to handle when I remember that we do carry their love inside of us."

She adds, "Laughter and tears are much better than the cold empty silence of missing a loved one."

For her efforts, Love Is Forever received the 2014 Gold Medal in the Living Now Book Awards in the Children’s Picture Book category.

"Love is Forever is a beautiful book, each page a little story in itself. The illustrations are detailed, tender, and super-sweet and deliver the message of the book effortlessly. The words offer reassurance in a very simple way, that love survives loss." ~ Review by Wendy Unsworth for Amazon

Author: Casey Rislov holds a master’s degree in elementary education and is endorsed in early childhood and special needs. She taught for many years at a local developmental preschool and currently stays home with her two young children. Casey’s first book, Time Together, Time Well Spent! (November 2011), allowed her to share her love of reading and teaching with many local students. She is excited to now share a tender side of herself through her new book "Love Is Forever." Casey lives with her family in Wyoming, where she enjoys spending time in the mountains, downhill skiing, boating, water skiing, and of course reading and writing.



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