Monday, December 22, 2014

Acclaimed picture book teaches children (and others!) how to avoid getting tangled up in others this holiday season and to celebrate themselves

It may sound counterintuitive, but we complicated human beings often become so entangled with others that we stop breathing our own breath. Instead, forgetting ourselves and who we are, we breathe everyone else’s breath.
To this unappealing notion, renowned author and well-known movement and life coach Kathleen Aharoni says, "Argh!"

Her playful new picture book for children titled "I Breathe My Own Breath!" explores the ways in which human beings become entangled with others, what happens when this occurs, and how we can get back to breathing our own pure, powerful breath.

In so doing, the book offers a new understanding of who we are as human beings. In essence, says Aharoni, we each thrive when we recognize and celebrate our own one-of-a-kind uniqueness – when we breathe our own breath – as opposed to when we deplete ourselves by being exclusively absorbed in and assimilated by others.

The book includes notes to parents and educators with points for conversation, experiential activities for further exploration of breathing one’s own breath, and ways to incorporate the meaning of this breath into tricky social situations, such as when you need to gather courage or connect to confidence, feel alone, are dealing with bullying or peer pressure, are building community with classmates, and more.

Finally, notes Aharoni, the book nudges readers to recognize that not only do we humans have our own breath, so do animals, trees, rivers, and the like. Through our breath, she notes, we are all connected as well as singular.

For Aharoni’s efforts, "I Breathe My Own Breath!" was recognized as a 2014 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist in the category of Home, received the 2014 Living Now Gold award for Children's Non-Fiction, and has been recommended by The U.S. Review of Books.

The author comments, "This book can help us remember and share the concept of ‘breathing my own breath’ and valuing, honoring, and celebrating our self. It can be a new touch-point for parents to remind their children in challenging and celebratory situations to ‘breathe their own breath.’"

She adds, "If we can take all the time and internal chatter that we spend on our tangles and instead give it to our creations, imagine what we can birth in the world!"

Author: For more than fifteen years, Kathleen Aharoni has worked with children and adults to develop and master self-awareness, self-leadership, freedom, and joy. A movement and life coach, Health Mastery columnist for Chicago Health Magazine, and owner of Water over Stone, Inc., Kathleen has served on the faculties of Northwestern University, Columbia College, and Chicago’s New Trier High School. Her clients include prominent White House staff, a U.S. ambassador, Fortune 500 employees, a variety of performers, and college and high school students and parents; her company has been featured on ABC, Channel 7 News, WMAQ Radio in Chicago, and in Chicago Collection magazine. A passionate mother and partner who hugs and talks to trees, cheers for sunrises, and cries over sunsets, the moon, and displays of humanity, Kathleen is rapt in the sensorial and joyously brings her giddy innocence to all that she does and is. She is devoted to her evolvement and confidently says "Yes!" to the expanding dimensionality of her life. For more information, visit and

I Breathe My Own Breath! by Kathleen Aharoni; Publisher: Water Over Stone, Inc.; Category: Juvenile Nonfiction, Family & Relationships, Mind, Body, Spirit; Hard Cover: 978-1-59598-216-2, $18.95; Availability:, Baker & Taylor,, Fixture in Roscoe Village, Chicago

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