Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: The Adventures of Sir Buddy and Mr. Pupples ~The Rescue~

Title of Book: The Adventures of Sir Buddy and Mr. Pupples: The Rescue
Written by Richard McEwan
Illustrated by Amy Rottinger
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
ISBN Number: 978-7-61244-307 -2
Genre of Book: Children's Picture

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About the Book:
This is an engaging story for children to read or have read to them about a lost puppy. Hopefully, it will encourage young ones to think about the story when they come upon a stray dog or cat; and seek the guidance of an adult in helping to find it's family...or new home.

 Our Thoughts: 
This is a really cute story from a lost dog's point of view. It starts out with a lost pup, named Pupples, scared, dirty and alone in the woods near a road. As the story begins, little kids learn Pupples will not leave or venture too far from where he is lost in case his family comes back to find him. What we liked about this part is it teaches children to also remain where they are if lost. 

Later in the story, we get to meet Sir Buddy who shares his story of finding a new home. Again, this part of the story can be used to talk about foster care and adoption not only of animals but also of children. 

Toward the end of the story, children learn the importance of family and friendship. 

We love how so many lessons and discussion opportunities are hidden within the story. The illustrations also add an extra bonus for those who are learning to read as they can use the pictures to tell their own version of the story. 

The book overall is well done and the story is one little ones will enjoy.

In the opening of the book, the author states: "This book is dedicated to my wife, Christie, for without her undying love of dogs, their need for a loving home would have gone unfulfilled for oh, so many."

We thank the author and his wife Christie for bring the awareness of animal rescue into the lives of children.

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