Monday, December 8, 2014

"Oliver in the Bath" has won the National Parents Publication Gold Award

Think foreign language acquisition is a must? Ready for a mash up of the old-fashioned pop-up book plus a hidden-pictures game with a whole lot of exciting new technology thrown in? What’s more, are you ready to experience all this fun in two different languages – neither of which has to be English – simultaneously?

"Oliver in the Bath" the new, award-winning eBook/story app by the sister writing team of L. B. Kovetz and J. P. Kovetz takes children’s media to the next level, combining the interactive experience of an app with a book that children can hold in their hands.

"Oliver in the Bath" is based on the simple but universal story of a boy named Oliver who doesn’t want to get into the bathtub. Once he’s in, he doesn’t want to get out! As Oliver and his mom imagine what his life would be like if he never left the bathtub, hidden games and pop-up animations appear, making this a reading experience the authors call "crazy fun and totally engrossing."

At the same time, with a simple click, kids can see the words or hear native speakers read the text of this charming and universal story in two different languages – any combination of English, French, Spanish, or Chinese.

The authors explain, "We wanted a book like this for our own kids. We believe that the ability to communicate in other languages is practically a super power, so we created an experience that would introduce our children to a whole world of language in a way that was fun for them. The future belongs to those who embrace multiculturalism. Getting kids involved in an unfolding storybook is the best way to put that right into their hands."

"Oliver in the Bath" has won the National Parents Publication Gold Award, the Parents Choice Approval Award, the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, and a bronze medal in the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

Author: L. B. Kovetz and J. P. Kovetz are a sister writing team from New York City. The owners of Flying South Publishing, a true independent publisher utilizing new technology to create interesting work in novel formats, they have also created a three-CD set of nursery rhymes set to jazz featuring top talent (Taj Mahal, Cybil Shephard, Billy Preston). In addition, "Oliver Stays Up," the sequel to "Oliver in the Bath," will be available November 1, 2014.

Oliver in the Bath; Authors: L. B. Kovetz, J. P. Kovetz; Illustrated by L. B. Kovetz; Flying South Productions; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Foreign Language Study; Paperback: 978-0972499903, $13.30; iPad App: $1.99,,

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