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Philanthropic publishing company’s award-winning books benefit children and nonprofit organizations

Award-winning author Sharon Thayer has known hard times. After her business came to a screeching halt following 9/11, she awoke one morning and wrote a story about Santa’s beard. At the time, she had no goal in mind or even a particular desire to be an author. In fact, she wasn’t even much of a reader, thanks to her lifelong struggle with dyslexia.

Time passed, and Thayer set her story aside in order to make a living and raise her three children. In the summer of 2012, with her sixtieth birthday approaching, she made a monumental decision to have "The Myth of Santa’s Beard" published and to sell the books to benefit nonprofit organizations.

Sure enough, profits from her book sales allowed her to donate books to Ronald McDonald houses, to organizations working with abused children, to shelters, and to a food bank that included the book in each family’s Thanksgiving basket.

That fall of 2012, "The Myth of Santa’s Beard" won an EVVY Award for Children’s Picture Books from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association; in 2013, it won a Bronze Medal in the category of Holiday Books from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Now, Carousel Publishing is committed to bringing this popular book to an even greater audience to benefit additional nonprofit organizations.

This delightful story tells how a problem is growing – literally growing – at the North Pole in the form of Santa’s beard, which begins growing every time children share, play fair, do their best, and tell the truth. Soon, with so many good children every day, Santa’s beard becomes a hazard. Before long, he can’t walk or talk or even make the toys!

One night, while Santa is asleep, Mrs. Claus and the elves concoct a plan. All Santa will have to do is choose the best-behaved kids from his "Good" list to receive a lock of his long white beard. The children are rewarded for their wonderful behavior, and Santa’s beard gets a greatly needed trim.
Beautifully illustrated by Marci Chambers, "The Myth of Santa’s Beard" includes messages about ethics and values, the magic of Santa, and a snippet of his long white beard to remind children to be good all year long. The book also comes with an envelope in which to mail the book to a child from the North Pole.

Thayer notes that the mission of Carousel Publishing is to have every book benefit a nonprofit organization. Many options are available, including those listed below:
  • Through Carousel Publishing’s WOW! Program, individuals or businesses may purchase books at wholesale prices to gift to their favorite nonprofit organization; this option opens the door for creative holiday group giving projects
  • Corporations or individuals may sponsor books that are donated to organizations that make requests through Carousel Publishing
  • Nonprofit organizations, schools, and day care centers may purchase books at wholesale prices for fundraising or other events
  • Anyone is welcome to sponsor upcoming or custom written books that focus on a chosen message
  • Carousel Publishing fills the requests to organizations that are not matched with a sponsor
The author comments, "All my books contain quality of life messages and are sold to benefit nonprofit organizations." She adds, "Parents and grandparents love this particular story that reinforces ethics and values, and children treasure the book and snippet of Santa’s beard."

"What a delightful story! The ‘little kid’ in me loved reading ‘The Myth of Santa’s Beard,’ and now I am making my list of all the children I know who would love this sweet book as a holiday gift!" ~ Donna DeNomme, award-winning, internationally-published author of Turtle Wisdom and Ophelia’s Oracle

AUTHOR: Sharon Thayer has been writing children’s stories for the past thirteen years and is now beginning to publish her stories in three different series – The Holiday Series, The Inspirational Series, and The Memorial Series. Her award-winning book "If You Tell Me, I Can Fly!" is the first book in the Inspirational Series; it received the 2014 Bronze Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and four EVVY awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association. She raised three children and owned various businesses, including a day care center, while living in Colorado. She now lives in Texas near her four grandchildren and works fulltime writing and publishing.

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Carousel Publishing
Category: Children’s Fiction, Illustrated Picture Books
The Myth of Santa’s BeardAuthor: Sharon Thayer; Illustrator: Marci Chambers, Soft Cover: 978-0-9766239-0-8, $9.95
If You Tell Me, I Can Fly! Author: Sharon Thayer; Illustrator: Linda Nagy; Hard Cover: 978-0-9766239-1-5, $11.95

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