Monday, January 26, 2015

A gentle Life Lesson for Children in Our Materialistic World

New picture book for children who have or want everything (which may be most children) entitled Can You Buy Me the Wind?

Can You Buy Me the Wind?
Sammy is a lucky little girl…her beloved grandparents have come to stay with her while her parents are on vacation. And what did they bring her? Well…nothing, yet.
 Sammy’s grandparents let her select the gift of her choice—a kite— but they offer it the old-fashioned way. First, she has to earn it.
 Sammy shows she is up to the challenge as she completes a task each day with energy and a positive attitude. And each day her grandparents give her part of the present: one day, the kite itself; the next day, the string; and then, the wood.
But wait, something is missing—the wind. Sammy asks if they can buy her the wind, but that is something neither hard work nor money can buy.
 Her grandparents gently explain that there’s no need to fret. Good things will come to Sammy, such as love, friends, and a big gust of wind, if she is patient and tries to be the best she can be.

Author:        Steven Schoenfeld
Illustrator:    Chuck Gonzales
Publisher:     Lansing Press
ISBN:           978-0578152455
Ages:           4-8
Format:        Hardcover                                                    
Price:           $17.99
Pages:          32
Pub date:      January 2015
Size:            8.5” x 11”
Facebook:     Canyoubuymethewind?  
Twitter:        @Buymethewind



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