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Award-winning picture book gives animals a voice

If animals could speak, what would they say?  Owl’s Dream, by Valentina Atton with illustrations by Sophia Johnson, delves into the inner nature of the animal world, exploring our connections with animals, nature and the world around us. Lushly illustrated, Owl's Dream invites children of all ages into the woods and fields to encounter animals, large and small, each with a story to tell. Told in engaging poetry, the book encourages participation from parents, grandparents and educators and features a downloadable audiobook narrated by Jan Rabson, with original music by Daryl Chonka.

Owl’s Dream calls us outside to look, listen and play. "A child's direct experience of nature and its beauty, is the key to sustaining and enriching the health and heart of our communities," suggests Atton, who was educated as a biochemist in Moscow and worked in that field in Latvia and her native Ukraine, while also pursuing a passion for theatre and the healing arts.

"In this age of technological dominance and environmental challenges, my intention with Owl's Dream is to remind us that knowledge is not enough, but love is always the answer!" Owl’s Dream has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the Pender Island community Atton joined in 2001, producing a successful theatrical version of the book for the island’s Mosaic Festival in 2012.

Both the book and stage show reflect Atton’s belief that we are all – humans and animals and plants and stars – connected, that we are all part of this great Oneness. Atton explains that Owl’s Dream was channeled, dreamed, and cloud-watched. She comments, "In each poem lies a transformational moment. This means that many surprises are waiting for you and your children while reading, listening, and sharing."

"This enchanting little book is a playful celebration of a child's perception of nature. The poetic whimsy of Owl’s Dream reminds us that all creatures great and small have a message to share if we would just stop, look, and listen. We are encouraged to enter the stillness of the moment as a child would, with curiosity and joy, and experience the pleasure of connection to the matrix." 
Yvonne MacKenzie, Poet and Early Childhood Educator, Former Director of BC Canadian International Pre-school

Fly high!
In your dreams,
In your life,
Don’t question why
Just fly!
Like a bird
Like a bug
Like a butterfly!
Atton Photo

Valentina Atton
, aromatherapist and writer from Pender Island BC, Moonbeam Children’s Book award-winner, former artistic director of amateur theatre for both kids and families, children's festivals organizer,  face painter, set decorator, magic creator, butterfly lover.

Praise for Owl’s Dream

"This book is about the intimate connections, private dialogue and open-hearted wonder children share with nature."  - Anne Davis, Director and Owner,  Port Washington Montessori Pre-school, Pender Island,  BC, Canada  

"Readers of all ages will delight in Valentina Atton’s poignant poems and Sophia Johnson’s magical illustrations..." - Brigitte Prochaska, Film/TV Unit Publicist
"Owl's Dream is full of joy and humour, along with an affirmation of love for our animal and insect neighbours. This book isn't just for kids, but for all of us." - Karin Campbell,  Mother,  Nanny,  Lover of Nature
"The author has powerfully tapped into the universally recognized tendency of children to identify with non-human creatures...." -  Renée Layberry, Freelance Editor, Writer
Owl’s Dream: Author: Valentina Atton; illustrated by Sophia Johnson; narrated by Jan Rabson; music composed and recorded by Daryl Chonka; Joyful Wonder Kids Press; Old Growth Music Studio; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Body, Mind & Spirit for Children / Musical / Theatrical; Trade paperback with French Flaps, 96 pages, 77 color illustrations, with the free MP3 Audiobook Download, ISBN 978-0993675010 $22.95; MP3 Audiobook Download ISBN 978-0993675065 $9.95, MP3 Sound Track $7.95; e-Book (web PDF) ISBN 978-0993675058 $7.95; All prices in Canadian dollars



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