Friday, April 17, 2015

Interview with Author Lawrence Elliott

Lawrence Elliott was born in one of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas called New Providence. He is married to a lovely lady named Deborah. His passion is to teach the laws of life in a practical way. Presently, he volunteers teaching junior high school boys the word of God, in a group called the Christian Boys Movement. Additionally, Mr. Elliott volunteered teaching ‘at risk’ high school boys, the principles of life at a special institute designed for them.
Tell us about your current book. Give a short summary.
Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living is a book that will inspire you to live a life of joy, peace and happiness. This book is filled with proverbs, which are short sayings of wisdom or advice that expresses a basic truth or a practical precept about life. Although, the book is short, it is meant to be read slowly in order to absorb its substance. Each proverb was meant for the reader to reflect on, before moving on to the next one. It will cause you to think about the past, present and future of your life. These proverbs are wisdom keys that will help the reader to live a successful life in every area. The wisdom keys help you to make the right choices when confronted with a problem. The proverbs also teach the reader how to handle relationships respectfully. For example: In chapter three, proverb number twenty seven, it states, “Loose lips destroy friendships. Be careful what you say”. This proverb tells the reader not to randomly say negative things about their friend. Think before you speak, especially if you are in the company of people that you do not know very well. In most situations if you cannot find something good to say about a person, then don’t say anything. The wisdom key is, if something negative said does not bring a positive change, then it is unnecessary. This book reveals pertinent information that the reader can use for the rest of their life, to have good success in every area.  

Can you tell us about your publisher and how the process worked in getting published?
My publisher is a very accommodating lady. She found creative ways to assist me in the publishing process, because of a challenge that I have with my eyesight. The process was very simple. A person first connects with the CEO of the company to discuss your manuscript. After my first discussion with Lisa, she informed me that I can submit my manuscript to a board for approval. Once I was approved, I was sent a contract for my reviewing. A meeting was set up for us to discuss the contract in detail. A few days later, I signed it and we got to work. The process was very smooth because both of us were committed to following the guidelines of the contract. I enjoyed working with Lisa from Halo Publishing.

How did you get the idea for this book?
One afternoon while I was lying across my bed, the Holy Spirit popped a few proverbs into my head. He told me to write a book and call it “Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living”. I replied, these five or six proverbs are not enough to fill a book. The Holy Spirit responded by saying, “if you do not write down the ones that I give you, then how do you expect for me to give you more proverbs”. I immediately jumped up and wrote down the proverbs. That is how I got the idea for this book.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
A typical writing day for me stats at around 9:00am after having breakfast. I would write until about lunch time. Sometimes I would write after lunch. If a proverb comes to me in the evening, I would write it on a scrap piece of paper so that I would not forget it. In the morning I would properly document it.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
I enjoy hearing those proverbs pop into my mind and writing them down to help someone enrich their life.

What is the most difficult part of writing?
The most difficult part of writing for me is remembering my trend of thought when I get distracted by someone.

How has publishing a book changed your life?
Publishing a book has caused me to become more popular. I am invited to more speaking engagements and I am meeting new people.

If your book is based on true events, how has that affected those around you or why made you choose to use historical events?

My book is not based on events. It is based on wisdom keys to help mankind live a life of peace, purpose and fulfillment.

What are your plans now?
My plans are to market the book as much as possible. Afterwards, I plan to write another book.

What is your best tip for aspiring authors?
My best tip for aspiring authors is to write about something that you are passionate about. Once your writing is positive and you are passionate about it, and then trust God to take it around the world.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readership? (Here you can share about characters, historical facts, setting or whatever else you would like our readers to know about your book.)
Practical Proverbs of Everyday Living is a book filled with simple, yet wise teachings about life. The principles in this book will help guide you to a life of peace, good health and prosperity. In a nutshell it is an “abundant life”. A key principle is the law of accumulation. Your accumulative choices brought you to where you are today.  Your accumulative choices now, will bring you into the life that you will experience in the future. The precepts in this book, once applied, will give you the abundant life, GUARANTEED. 

Do you have a website? If so, please give the URL. If not, where can readers go online to learn more about your book(s) and to order?
Readers can purchase my book on, Barnes&, and all other major online sellers. Also, readers can following me on Facebook at There, they can learn more about me.

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