Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inviting animals and iconic images convey the Aussie beachside in vibrant, happy picture book

Let’s go surfing!

In the engaging children’s picture book "Stunno’s Surf Adventure," longtime surfing aficionado Mark Reside reveals some of the lure and lingo of a sport that leaves its participants yearning for just one more chance to seek out a monster set, smack the lip, and enter the green room.
The story begins when Stunno, the surfing echidna (that’s a spiny anteater to non-Aussies), arrives at his favorite beach only to see that the water is "flat" – no surf. He can’t catch a wave, so he drives up the coast and soon finds himself rewarded for his efforts with a huge inviting ground swell.

An excerpt from the book reads as follows: Yeoww! Made it to the reef in perfect time. A huge ground swell, the waves look prime. The wind’s offshore and the tides are right. A wicked day’s surfing now firmly in sight.

Offset by Tina Jacobson’s colorful and captivating illustrations, Stunno’s adventures in rhyme both engage and inspire, and the book concludes with a helpful glossary that defines the different terminology Aussie surfers use.

Reside comments, "I love to surf and collect vintage surfboards. I always said I’d write a book about the boards I collect. I just never realized I’d write a children’s book about surfing!"

Reside is donating a dollar from every book he sells to Surfrider Foundation Australia. To support grassroots groups helping young surfers, he is also donating a thousand dollars to a local Boardriders club for every thousand books he sells. He notes, "We’re three quarters of the way to the first thousand books in seven months!"

"This is a great kids’ book, an easy read, well written with bright and engaging illustrations for the kids. The glossary in the back is good for those of us who don't necessarily get the surfing lingo. I recommend it for all ages, but especially the young to encourage them to read. Great work, Mark and Tina. Looking forward to more of Stunno's adventures." ~ Review by Collin, Oct. 2014

"This book is an awesome Aussie children's book adventure. A great easy-to-read story with bright amazing pictures. Well done, Mark & Tina." ~ Review by Leigh, Oct. 2014

Author: Mark Reside grew up in Gippsland, Victoria. Being near the beach, he started surfing in his early teenage years and has surfed regularly ever since. At the end of high school, he started his own small IT support business, which he managed for eighteen years.

Stunno’s Surf Adventure; Author: Mark Reside; Illustrated by Tina Jacobson; Datakey-Developments; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Picture Book; Paperback: 978-0992547608, $15.00; Availability:,,

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