Friday, May 22, 2015

Delightful new picture book demonstrates the importance of being true to yourself

Buttar Cover

Prolific children’s book author Debbie Buttar knows that animals are the perfect medium through which to gently teach important lessons. Her newly published fourth book, "Funky Little Monkey," is no exception.

In this inspiring tale filled with bright and colorful illustrations by Christopher Davis, a funky little monkey who loves to disco dance is laughed at because he is different from the other monkeys. The little scamp perseveres and continues to enjoy what makes him happy, in spite of some rather rude comments from his animal companions.
An excerpt from the story demonstrates how the other monkeys feel about disco dancing:
They say, "You’re actingCrazy, and don’t be a flunky,Stop wasting your time, andAct like a monkey!"

But the Funky Little Monkey stays true to himself. After all, when you love something, you’ve just got to stick with it, no matter what anyone else says. To his great joy, as often happens in life, the Funky Little Monkey soon discovers others who think his dancing is just great!
Buttar comments, "We all express ourselves in unique ways, and we all need to feel good about it. This story helps readers be themselves by teaching them to embrace their individuality."
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of "Funky Little Monkey" is being donated to AMESPA Research & Treatment Foundation for the medical treatment of children suffering from cancer and autism.

"Another great book by Debbie Buttar! What a fun story encouraging kids to march to the beat of their own drum! The fun rhymes and cute animal characters that are beautifully illustrated will keep your child coming back again and again, and soon, they too will be dancing like a Funky Little Monkey. Love it!" ~ Reader Review by Karri Freeney

Author/illustrator: Debbie Buttar was born in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. She currently resides with her husband, young son, and stepson on their farm in Huntersville, North Carolina. Debbie is inspired by animals and ways to nurture and help them. Her first book, "Tonga the African Elephant," was published in 2008 followed shortly by her 2009 Children's Moonbeam Silver Medal winner "Giraffe Sounds?" and its sister book "Llama Sounds?" "Funky Little Monkey" is the fourth collaboration between Debbie Buttar and illustrator Christopher Davis.

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