Friday, June 5, 2015

New book encourages children to explore the world around them

Rislov Come In Cover
Open the Doors to You is a unique and comforting book that will take readers through many metaphorical doors to explore all the different aspects that make up each of our lives: family, neighborhood, charity, friendship, education, creativity, sports, and nature. Through vibrant, cheerful artwork and playful text, this inviting book offers a way to expand a sense of self-awareness in children, building resiliency, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Open the Doors to You is Casey Rislov’s third children’s book. She credits her parents for encouraging her from a young age to open doors whenever possible: "Whether it was the door to education, sports, friends, hobbies, or travel, my parents always supported my adventurous ways. So when writing books became a passion of mine, they were just as excited as I was."

An excerpt from the book reads:
So if you ever find yourself stuck and upside down, ask:What am I going to do? Is there something else to learn?Can a friend show me something new? Which door is theone I haven’t visited in awhile?

Rislov wrote her newest book to inspire readers to try new things: "I hope Open the Doors to You will encourage young children and adults to see what new adventures are waiting behind each door. There are always new things to see and do and new friends to make!"

Through exploring the world around them and experiencing new things, children gain a deeper understanding of others and themselves. Child development studies show that sensory experiences shape how a child’s brain develops and grows. Children who are exposed to varied new experiences have increased confidence, feelings of security, and learn how to better deal with challenges later in life.

About the Author
Casey Rislov holds a master’s degree in elementary education and is endorsed in early childhood and special needs. She has spent most of her career teaching children everything from swimming and downhill ski racing to developmental skills and reading and writing. She lives in Wyoming with her family.

Praise and awards for Casey Rislov

Love is Forever (November 2013)

Living Now Book Award Winner 2014
Children’s Picture Book Category, Gold Medal
Time Together, Time Well Spent! (November 2011)

"A wonderful antidote to the presence of increasingly isolation-heavy media and technology."
—Midwest Book Review
Los Angeles Book Festival Winner 2012
Children’s Book Category, Honorable Mention

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Open the Doors to You by Casey Rislov; Casey Rislov Books; Category: Juvenile Fiction; Hard Cover: 32 Pages, $15.95; Availability:,


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