Tuesday, October 6, 2015

For crafty kids, a sweet, accessible guide to sewing modern dolls' clothes

For budding young designers, an accessible guide to sewing fashionable dolls’ clothes

I Can Make Dolls' Clothes is an easy-to-follow guide for young fashionistas ages 8+ that shows them how to create a wardrobe for their standard-sized (12 inch) dolls. The approach is easy, quick, and fun and the results are extremely stylish. Children ages 8 and up can follow clear instructions to make a range of garments and accessories for their dolls, using basic materials such as fabric scraps, sequins, and a needle and thread.

The beautifully-designed handbook includes actual-size patterns for creating a doll’s tunic top, a knee-length coat, an A-line skirt, a faux-fur jacket, a skater skirt, a day dress, a party dress, an evening bag, and a fringed bag. There are simple, step-by-step diagrams and instructions for creating each piece of the outfit, with photos of dolls modeling the finished designs. A section at the back of the book outlines the basics of sewing, including how to thread a needle, how do a running stitch, and how to sew on buttons. Beginners with no sewing experience will have no trouble picking up the techniques.

Throughout, young seamstresses and crafters are encouraged to be creative and adapt the patterns to make their own designs. As vintage fashion and crafting emerge as an antidote to our frenzied, tech-filled lifestyles, this charming sewing book will appeal to parents and children looking for wholesome, hands-on activities. 

Our Thoughts:
Knowing how to sew is a talent slowly going away so when we see craft ideas for kids that help to grow this talent or help plant the seed, we jump for joy. This book of fun, easy to follow instructions is the perfect crafters dream. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this book of design. When we were little, our grandmother used to make doll clothes for us. Our mom also made a few here and there for our Barbies. Even though we learned to sew clothes for oursevles and children (once we had them), we never tried our talent at doll clothes. This just seemed something a bit beyond our sewing experience. That was until we sat down with one of our daughters and went to work on an outfit. We were excited how easy it was and well...our daughter is now hooked on sewing herself. 

About the Creators

Louise Scott-Smith is a children’s wear designer. She was formerly Head of Children’s Wear Design at Liberty of London and at Caramel Baby & Child.
Georgia Vaux is a graphic designer, book designer, and art director.

About the Book

I Can Make Dolls’ Clothes
Easy-to-follow patterns to make clothes and accessories
for your favorite doll
By Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux
Pub date: October 13, 2015 | ISBN: 9780500650516
$19.95 | Hardcover | 176 pp | Illustrated in color throughout | Ages 8 and up

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