Thursday, October 29, 2015

Perseverance Pays Off, and Patience Does Too!

A young duckling named Quackers learns valuable life lessons about patience, friendship,
and never giving up when he 
embarks on his dream of learning to fly

It’s hard to be patient when your dreams take you places you fear you’ll never go!
In her delightful debut children’s picture book, veteran elementary school teacher Susan Wolff pens a classic tale of fortitude, friendship, and dreams that come true, if you just have the patience to wait.

Quackers is an engaging young duck who more than anything in the world wants to fly. His adoring parents tell him that one day he will, but Quackers can’t wait. Off he goes to visit his friends Ollie the Owl, Gertrude the Goose, and Dena the Dragonfly. To his surprise, Quackers learns that once upon a time, they couldn’t fly either!

After Quackers meets another little duckling with the same problem he has, they resolve to follow the advice of their older, wiser friends. When they do so, they discover that good things come to those who wait.

With bright and endearing illustrations by well-known Canadian illustrator Justin Currie, Quackers Wants to Fly is based on a stuffed duck named Quackers that Wolff used in her classroom.

She explains, “When I was an elementary school teacher, I took a toy duck to class. Quackers became legendary, and my students encouraged me to write his story. I waited until I retired and had seven grandchildren encouraging me before I wrote ‘Quackers Wants to Fly.’”

Author Sue Wolff introduces a delightfully impatient little duck named Quackers and his beautifully illustrated friends. Children will cheer for Quackers as he tries to achieve his dream.” - Brenda Brinkley, author of Albert’s Happy Thanksgiving and Cleveland Turns Green

AUTHOR: Susan Wolff is a retired elementary school teacher living in the Chicago area. She loved reading to her students and continues to read to her grandchildren. She hopes her debut story inspires young readers to spread their wings and try new things.

Quackers Wants to FlyAuthor: Susan Wolff; Illustrator: Justin Currie; Category: Juvenile Fiction; Soft Cover: 978-0692429327, $12.95; Availability:,, Independent bookstores, and

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