Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mud on your Face: Thrilling New Adventure Book Helps Children Foster Rock-Solid Happiness & Contentment

If there’s one thing all young children love, it is getting engrossed in a fantasy/adventure story. Ironically, diving into a book is often an escape tactic from a family that can seem crazy, ungrateful and even unfair. In her enchanting and moralistic new book, Rachel McGrath uses the power of story to help children appreciate and embrace what they already have in life.

‘Mud on your Face’ introduces young readers to Gus, a boy so sick of his brothers and sisters that he wishes he was an only child……or so he thought.

Gus is a seven-year-old boy who comes from a very large family with eight brothers and sisters.

Sometimes Gus feels left out, picked on, or even forgotten by his family. He wonders what life might be like if he had no brothers or sisters, and if he was an only child.

On a family camping trip Gus finds himself lost in the woods, left behind by his family.

A different adventure takes place for Gus with a strange new friend.

Be careful what you wish for….

Mud on your Face is a fantasy, adventure story for children, taking the reader through an adventure of ‘what ifs’.  What if you got what you wished for?  Would you be happy?  There is a morale around being content with what you have, and finding happiness.

“This is a very home-centric story that aims to reinforce the importance of family, while teaching children to look beyond the squabbles and quirks to realize that their parents and siblings love them unconditionally,” explains McGrath. “The ultimate message is for them to embrace and love what they already have, even if they think they want something different.”

Continuing, “With such a vital message, my goal is to get a copy of the book into every home, school and community centre in the country. A lot of new fiction for kids these days seems to be based on epic battles and toilet humour – so it’s time we harked back to the days of traditional storytelling with an adventure that is positive, upbeat and carries a pertinent life lesson.”

Emily-Jane Hills Orford reviewed the book for Readers' Favourite and says "Author Rachel McGrath has written a charming story for young readers in Mud on Your Face. Life always looks greener on the other side of the fence, but this story is a great learning tool for young readers to appreciate that perhaps the 'other side' isn't that much better after all. A wonderful, colourfully illustrated story about appreciating what you have and to be careful what you wish for. Beautiful and poignant, a must-read for young and old alike."

‘Mud on your Face’, from McGrath House Limited, is available now:

About the Author:
Rachel McGrath grew up by the seaside in Redcliffe, Australia, where she studied business, before moving to the United Kingdom in her early thirties. She currently lives just north of London in Hertfordshire, where she met and married her husband.

Rachel has always had a passion for writing both fiction and non-fiction. Since her early teens, she has created many short stories as well as smaller pieces that have never been published.

Rachel published her first book in early 2015, Finding the Rainbow, a memoir capturing a difficult time in her life.

Mud on your Face is Rachel’s second published book, and a children’s fantasy fiction novel.  Rachel hopes to continue writing fiction stories.

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