Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oddsockosaurus: New Dinosaur Picture Book Helps Children to Reflect on Their Moods and Behaviours

Inspired by her young Sonosaurus, Zanib Mian’s ‘Oddsockosaurus’ could just be one of the most unique new books of the year. This whimsical, creative tale allows kids to see their everyday quirks as characteristics of a variety of silly and always-entertaining dinosaurs. Mum and Dad, prepare to be hunted down in the cutest, most adorable way possible.

While they are supposed to be deadly, fierce and sometimes over twelve-feet tall, dinosaurs have a unique knack for captivating children. In a wholly-unique new children’s book, author Zanib Mian provides children with all of the inspiration they need to turn themselves into their own kidosaurus, and have heaps of fun along the way.

‘Oddsockosaurus’ will have kids’ imaginations spinning….imaginationosaurus!

Packed with humour, which will amuse adults and children alike, this read-aloud picture book captures the imagination of a whimsical little boy who describes some of his very human characteristics as if he were a dinosaur. He refers to himself as a Fastosaurus Rex, Whyceratops, Readabookadocus, Tellafibasaurus, Mudiraptor, and many others. He explains why he can be all these different dinosaurs, and that if dinosaurs were still around, they would understand him quite well! A comic tale for dinosaur lovers everywhere!

“This book kind of wrote itself,” explains Mian. “My son once came down the stairs in his crisp school uniform, but with socks that didn’t match. Without even thinking – in that way mothers do – I said, “What are you doing you Oddsockiosaurus?”, and he thought it was great. On the school run, my mind span with all of his idiosyncrasies, and I couldn’t wait to get home to jot them down on my laptop with their own unique dinosaur spin!”

Continuing, “I’m a big advocate of active reading; books that transfer to the real world and provide fun that carries on long after the final page has been turned. I hope that my creation does exactly that – with as little destruction around the house as possible!”

Readers have praised the book highly.

Dustin Growick, The Dinosaur Whisperer, comments, “Whether you're fluent, or just starting to learn to speak dinosaur, this book is amazing!”

Reader’s Favorite adds, “Zanib Mian and Bill Bolton have written an absolutely adorable story in Oddsockosaurus. Most preschool and young elementary age children love dinosaurs. Mian and Bolton will draw in parents and young readers quickly and easily with the colorful, playful, and funny images within Oddsockosaurus. The creative dinosaur names they have offered will most likely be used by parents and children alike after they read this dinosaur fantasy.”

About the Author:
Zanib Mian is a Molecular Cell Biologist and Founding Director of Sweet Apple Publishers. She grew up in London, where she still lives with her family. Zanib began writing stories and poetry when she was just a little girl, and was well known by her teachers, friends, and family to rhyme about anything that meant something to her! She has held on to some of her notebooks for over twenty five years, and loves to share them with children when she is invited in at libraries and schools.

About the Illustrator:
Bill Bolton is a British illustrator who graduated in 1990 from Oxford Brookes University followed by several years working exclusively for two major greeting card publishers. He has since then worked across the board illustrating children’s book, in Advertising, Editorial, Publishing and Design – with over 20 years’ experience under his belt. Bill has a passion for the environment and lives in an earth sheltered house. At the weekends you might spot him under the wind turbine or mowing the roof!


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