Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Blurb: Ten zany birds have a tree party, until one by one they find other things to do. It’s a zany countdown – which bird will stick around?

Our Thoughts: This is a great book not only to teach counting and subtraction, but also sorting skills, colors, and many other cognitive skills that help young readers use their memory abilities as they interact with the environment of the birds and recall what has happened as the story unfolds.

Some of the most critical cognitive abilities for mathematics learning are memory, language skills, and the ability to make mental representations of number and space, all of which the author Sherry Ellis does wonderfully in this colorful picture book.

The author also adds repetition...repeating words/sentence and actions to help young readers learn the consequence of an action. This also helps them remember information and build their memory and their cognitive skills.

The colorful and vivid illustrations only add to this wonderful crafted book for young readers. We give this a 5 star and highly recommend this for all young readers bookshelves.



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