Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Yourself From Stress And Take Control Of Your Life on Families Matter Show

This is the Families Matter show with hosts Virginia S Grenier and Marsha Cook. This week the hosts will be discussing how to free yourself from stress and take control of your life with an Epiphanic and easy-to-inergrate guide, entitled "From Stressed to Centered - A Practical Guide to a Healthier and Happier You" by Dr. Dana Gionta and Dr. Dan Guerra.

From Stressed to Centered is a one of a kind book because of its comprehensive approach, thoughtfully crafted structure, and practical methods that yield long-term results.

About Our Guests:
Dr. Dana Gionta is a clinical psychologist, executive coach and organizational consultant with expertise in self-care, stress management and organizational health. In her life coaching and psychology practice, she helps individuals make courageous changes in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Gionta is also an author, national speaker and trainer on topics related to stress management, self-care, boundaries and emotional health.
Dr. Dan Guerra is a licensed clinical psychologist and an executive coach with expertise in stress management and behavioral change.  His innovative treatments help people emerge better versions of themselves, so they're more fulfilled in their personal relationships, successful in their careers and enjoy overall improvement in the quality of their lives.

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The transformative guide, From Stressed to Centered - A Practical Guide to a Healthier and Happier You is available for pre-order and will release on February 3, 2015.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Self-Confidence - So Difficult to Develop Yet So Important

It is sometimes so difficult to instill self-confidence in your adolescents. The media and society isn't always kind to them. They are never good enough and because of this it falls to the parents to make sure that your adolescent is brought up in a balanced and happy environment that can foster self-confidence.

To instill self-confidence in your adolescent can be an uphill battle. Parents must take the time to listen and to spend quality time with their adolescents. But you can bring up a self-confident and happy adolescent by following these tips.

1. Know your adolescent. Each adolescent has a different level of experience and needs different types of encouragement.Some adolescents may be naturally quiet and feel much more comfortable talking to you after they have thought about the problem or situation first themselves. Other adolescents want to talk to you while they are trying to solve a problem or to get perspective on a situation. One of the most important things to remember is that if your adolescent wants to talk to you that you let him/her talk without interrupting until (s)he is finished. That will show your adolescent that you care and respect him/her regardless of his/her views or take on a situation. Parents must learn to just listen empathetically.

2. Treat your adolescent with respect at all times.Your adolescent has valid opinions and has rights as a human being. You should honour these opinions and feelings and not write them off because your adolescent is uttering them. You should communicate, listen and show your adolescent unconditional love by being empathic and allowing your adolescent to express any emotions that (s)he may have. Pent up emotions can fester over time, making your adolescent quite uncertain of him/herself.

3. Give your adolescent unconditional love and support.A parent's love should not be dependent on circumstances or if your adolescent does something right. Instead, your adolescent should always be supported, and this is especially the case if (s)he does something wrong or gets into trouble. It is very difficult for your adolescent to feel good about him/herself is you criticize your adolescent all the time. So, try to be as positive as possible with your adolescent.

4. Accept and honour your adolescent's feelings at all times.Your teenager will feel a variety of feelings during adolescence. That is part of the work of growing up. Adolescence is also a time of vulnerability and uncertainty for your teenager. So, it is important to be as positive as possible with your adolescent in order to show him/her that you really care. Most importantly, if your teenager is uncertain about his/her feelings or a particular situation, it is important to accept his/her feelings (even if we don't agree with them) and to honour them unconditionally. This will help your adolescent feel valuable and loved which are two important ways of building self-esteem.

So, do your adolescent a favour. Treat your adolescent with the respect that (s)he deserves so that (s)he can life a happy and self-confident life. There is nothing better than helping your adolescent be a happy and fulfilled! Unconditional love and patience helps to make this happen.

Irene S. Roth is a freelance writer for kids and teens. She is also an academic writer and writes in the areas of philosophy and philosophical psychology. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in philosophy and writes in the area of medical ethics.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A gentle Life Lesson for Children in Our Materialistic World

New picture book for children who have or want everything (which may be most children) entitled Can You Buy Me the Wind?

Can You Buy Me the Wind?
Sammy is a lucky little girl…her beloved grandparents have come to stay with her while her parents are on vacation. And what did they bring her? Well…nothing, yet.
 Sammy’s grandparents let her select the gift of her choice—a kite— but they offer it the old-fashioned way. First, she has to earn it.
 Sammy shows she is up to the challenge as she completes a task each day with energy and a positive attitude. And each day her grandparents give her part of the present: one day, the kite itself; the next day, the string; and then, the wood.
But wait, something is missing—the wind. Sammy asks if they can buy her the wind, but that is something neither hard work nor money can buy.
 Her grandparents gently explain that there’s no need to fret. Good things will come to Sammy, such as love, friends, and a big gust of wind, if she is patient and tries to be the best she can be.

Author:        Steven Schoenfeld
Illustrator:    Chuck Gonzales
Publisher:     Lansing Press
ISBN:           978-0578152455
Ages:           4-8
Format:        Hardcover                                                    
Price:           $17.99
Pages:          32
Pub date:      January 2015
Size:            8.5” x 11”
Facebook:     Canyoubuymethewind?  
Twitter:        @Buymethewind

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Envy - The Green Eyed Monster

Envy eats nothing but its own heart. - German Proverb

You can't be envious and happy at the same time. - Frank Tyger

Everyone faces envy, the green-eyed monster, at some point in life. There are times when you just can't help but be envious of someone else. Yet, there are things you can do to make friends with the green-eyed monster and be less envious of others or help others be less envious of you.

Try these tips:
1. Know that you are just as worthy and good as everyone else. Repeat the words "I am just as good as everyone else" to yourself when you start to feel envious of another person.
2. Try not to compare yourself to others. You are a unique person with unique character traits and unique life goals. Celebrate your uniqueness! Remember, there is no one else in the entire world exactly like YOU!
3. Appreciate all that you have. That way you will have less time to compare yourself to others.
4. Be kind to your friends, even if one or more of them seems to be envious of you.
5. Be glad of another person's fortunes, even if that means you won't get the prize or the recognition.
6. Celebrate another person's unique character traits. Accept others as you would want them to accept you.
7. Compliment others, even if they have never complimented you.
8. Love others unconditionally, even if they don't seem to love you in return.
9. Treat others fairly and equally.
10. Don't put your friends down in order to make yourself feel better.
Practice these tips to become the unique and beautiful person your were meant to be. And help others to do the same.

Irene S. Roth is a freelance writer for teens, tweens and kids. She is also an academic writer and philosopher who is working on her doctorate in Philosophy. She has two published books in medical ethics, fifteen published academic articles, and over a hundred book reviews.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Award-winning picture book gives animals a voice

If animals could speak, what would they say?  Owl’s Dream, by Valentina Atton with illustrations by Sophia Johnson, delves into the inner nature of the animal world, exploring our connections with animals, nature and the world around us. Lushly illustrated, Owl's Dream invites children of all ages into the woods and fields to encounter animals, large and small, each with a story to tell. Told in engaging poetry, the book encourages participation from parents, grandparents and educators and features a downloadable audiobook narrated by Jan Rabson, with original music by Daryl Chonka.

Owl’s Dream calls us outside to look, listen and play. "A child's direct experience of nature and its beauty, is the key to sustaining and enriching the health and heart of our communities," suggests Atton, who was educated as a biochemist in Moscow and worked in that field in Latvia and her native Ukraine, while also pursuing a passion for theatre and the healing arts.

"In this age of technological dominance and environmental challenges, my intention with Owl's Dream is to remind us that knowledge is not enough, but love is always the answer!" Owl’s Dream has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the Pender Island community Atton joined in 2001, producing a successful theatrical version of the book for the island’s Mosaic Festival in 2012.

Both the book and stage show reflect Atton’s belief that we are all – humans and animals and plants and stars – connected, that we are all part of this great Oneness. Atton explains that Owl’s Dream was channeled, dreamed, and cloud-watched. She comments, "In each poem lies a transformational moment. This means that many surprises are waiting for you and your children while reading, listening, and sharing."

"This enchanting little book is a playful celebration of a child's perception of nature. The poetic whimsy of Owl’s Dream reminds us that all creatures great and small have a message to share if we would just stop, look, and listen. We are encouraged to enter the stillness of the moment as a child would, with curiosity and joy, and experience the pleasure of connection to the matrix." 
Yvonne MacKenzie, Poet and Early Childhood Educator, Former Director of BC Canadian International Pre-school

Fly high!
In your dreams,
In your life,
Don’t question why
Just fly!
Like a bird
Like a bug
Like a butterfly!
Atton Photo

Valentina Atton
, aromatherapist and writer from Pender Island BC, Moonbeam Children’s Book award-winner, former artistic director of amateur theatre for both kids and families, children's festivals organizer,  face painter, set decorator, magic creator, butterfly lover.

Praise for Owl’s Dream

"This book is about the intimate connections, private dialogue and open-hearted wonder children share with nature."  - Anne Davis, Director and Owner,  Port Washington Montessori Pre-school, Pender Island,  BC, Canada  

"Readers of all ages will delight in Valentina Atton’s poignant poems and Sophia Johnson’s magical illustrations..." - Brigitte Prochaska, Film/TV Unit Publicist
"Owl's Dream is full of joy and humour, along with an affirmation of love for our animal and insect neighbours. This book isn't just for kids, but for all of us." - Karin Campbell,  Mother,  Nanny,  Lover of Nature
"The author has powerfully tapped into the universally recognized tendency of children to identify with non-human creatures...." -  Renée Layberry, Freelance Editor, Writer
Owl’s Dream: Author: Valentina Atton; illustrated by Sophia Johnson; narrated by Jan Rabson; music composed and recorded by Daryl Chonka; Joyful Wonder Kids Press; Old Growth Music Studio; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Body, Mind & Spirit for Children / Musical / Theatrical; Trade paperback with French Flaps, 96 pages, 77 color illustrations, with the free MP3 Audiobook Download, ISBN 978-0993675010 $22.95; MP3 Audiobook Download ISBN 978-0993675065 $9.95, MP3 Sound Track $7.95; e-Book (web PDF) ISBN 978-0993675058 $7.95; All prices in Canadian dollars

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Are you Overscheduling your teen? on The Empowerment Show with Irene Roth

This is The Empowerment Show on Blog Talk Radio's Featured World of Ink Network. Irene Roth is the host of this show as well as an author, editor, and freelance writer. She has published an empowerment for teens entitled "Seasons of Empowerment for Adolescent Girls" and also has a picture book published entitled "Courage." Learn more about the host at

This week on The Empowerent Show Irene Roth and Traci McDonald will be chatting about if we as adults are overscheduling our teens.

When kids and teens complain of being overscheduled and overwhelmed, we should definitely pause to take a new look at our lives and reprioritize them. Our kids are way too young to feel overscheduled. And if we, as parents, teach them that it is okay, or worse, meritorious to be busy all the time, we can be setting them up for a life time of exhaustion and lack of success. Not only that but they will feel dissatisfied and stressed out all the time.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your teens or kids:
  1. What does your child enjoy? Does she/he enjoy playing sports? What kind of sport?
  2. Does your teen enjoy music/dancing? What type does she/he enjoy?
  3. Does your teen do extracurricular activities?
  4. Does your child/teen feel overwhelmed at school?
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Award-winning tale of love, determination, and triumph told from the unique perspective of a dog

In this newly released award-winning story, Catherine Kirkwood pens and illustrates a heartwarming tale of love, determination, and triumph told from the unique perspective of a dog. 

In the re-telling of a true event, the author, her husband, and their two dogs, Rocky and Tula, move across country to an unfamiliar city. One night, fireworks erupt and a frightened Tula runs away. Her family searches for her day and night but to no avail.  After eight full days of attempting to find Tula, Rocky has the terrific idea of using Tula’s blanket, toy monkey, and a familiar red bandana to help her find her way home.

The book contains stunning, full-page reproductions of original oil paintings and graphite sketches that pull readers in and help them connect with each of the characters. This engaging story offers a unique take on the poignant search for a missing pet.

"Looking for Tula" received a 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and a 2014 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award.

"‘Looking for Tula’ is a wonderful story about a dog who goes missing for a while and the all-too-familiar and heartbreaking search to find her. None of us who have ever loved our animals can fail to be moved by this beautiful book and its remarkable illustrations. I loved it!" ~ Ali MacGraw, actress and member of Animal Protection of New Mexico

Author: Catherine Kirkwood was born in New York and spent most of her childhood in Stamford, Connecticut.  She studied art at Syracuse University, California College of the Arts, and University of New Mexico, where she earned a master’s degree in painting. She has continued to illustrate and paint over the years and has shown her work nationally. She resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband Craig Anderson and their two rescue dogs Rocky and Tula.

Looking for Tula by Catherine Kirkwood; Azro Press; Category: Juvenile Fiction, Pets; Hard Cover: 978-1929115235, $19.95; Availability:,

Monday, January 5, 2015

Inspired by a real-life event, heartwarming tale remembers the life of a duck named Goose

Award-winning picture book helps children connect with animals, nature, and the inevitable changes life brings
One of the most delightful experiences a child can have is falling in love with a pet. By extension, one of the most poignant experiences a child can have is losing that pet and experiencing the growth and pain that change often brings.

In "A Duck Named Goose"/"Un Pato Llamado Ganso," her highly acclaimed children’s picture book available in both English and Spanish, author Amber Nieves tells the story of a real-life duck named Goose who makes a deep connection with a young boy on his family’s farm before Goose must go away.

The farm in this true story belongs to Nieves, and it was her son who wanted a baby duck. One spring, he got one. He named the fuzzy baby Goose and raised him with four new baby chicks. This beautiful and unique duck, says Nieves, became part of the family.

Then, one day, Goose was gone. The entire family was heartbroken. His absence created a hole so big, Nieves says, that she decided to write a book for her son as a way to remember their duck always.

She comments, "I wrote ‘A Duck Named Goose’ and it's Spanish version, ‘Un Pato Llamado Ganso,’ to further children’s connection to the world in all its rich variety."

She adds, "My goal is to inspire adults and children to read together regularly by crafting stories that will be enjoyed by all ages."

For her efforts, "A Duck Named Goose"/"Un Pato Llamado Ganso" received the 2014 Gold Medal in the Language/Cultural category from the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards and the 2014 Purple Dragonfly Award, Honorable Mention, for Best Children's Picture Book ages 6 & up and Best Illustrations.

"My kids (ages five and four) love snuggling with me to read this book. The rhyming story is catchy and fun to listen to. The artistry in the illustrations is so engaging that my kiddos love looking for more details every time I turn the page. This book is something we tend to include in most of our birthday presents because it is such a fun read." ~ Review by Anna B.

AUTHOR: Amber Nieves, aka Mama Picky Pants and a University of Montana Alumna, is a story crafter, escritora, publisher, and mom. She believes all children deserve quality reading time and access to diverse books regardless of background. Her passion and enthusiasm are driven by her desire to create real stories that awaken the imagination and deliver happiness and meaning in a heartfelt message. Her publishing company, Mama Picky Pants, publishes diverse books that strive to bring parents, educators, and children together at story time to learn about friendship, growing up, and the world in its true rich variety while giving back to local children. To that end, the company proudly donates 20% of book proceeds to local children's programs and supports Washington County Foster Kids and The Children’s Book Bank.

#   #   #
A Duck Named Goose (English version) and Un Pato Llamado Ganso (Spanish version) by Amber Nieves; Category: Children’s Picture Book; Soft Cover - English: 978-0991285907, $9.99, eBook, $7.99; Soft Cover - Spanish: 978-0991285914, $9.99; eBook: $7.99; Availability:,


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