Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Illustrated Series for Kids Highlights Magic, Whimsy, and Travel Around the World!

It’s a winning combination – three affectionate siblings, a magical dog, thrilling illustrations, and adventures mixed with mischief in exciting locations around the world!
In his new travel series for children, author Patrick Adams introduces young adventurous readers to a series of characters modeled on his own children.

Holly is a little girl who loves adventure and has a big imagination. Jonathan, the younger brother, always seems to have something up his sleeve. Daniel, who is older, loves to see famous places and is the mastermind behind all their adventures. Lisa, Holly’s magical stuffed dog and the star of the show, keeps Holly entertained while saving the day time and time again.

In “Lisa Goes to England,” the debut book in the series, the foursome discover legendary sites such as Big Ben and Windsor Castle. After meeting a very famous woman, Lisa gets everyone out of trouble at the famous site called Stonehenge.

In book two, “Lisa Goes to France,” the group sees the Eiffel Tower, takes in amazing artwork such as the Mona Lisa, and races against time to save the day once again, thanks to Lisa’s uncanny ability to detect trouble and transform as needed to combat it!

Adams comments, “I loved to travel and see the world at a young age.  I wanted to create a book series for children about travel that captured it from their perspective, mixing fun, education, a little magic, and a great story.”

He adds, “I envision this to be a long running series.  My dream would be to see this turned in to a cartoon series one day.”

“What a fun book to read with the kids! We thoroughly enjoyed it.” ~ Amazon Book Review

Author: Patrick Adams’ debut children's travel adventure is the beginning of a planned series of many books. Each features adventure, exploration, mischief, and magic in the most enchanting places around the world. As the owner of Patrick's World of Travel, LLC, Patrick has so far traveled to 40 countries and counting. Combining his love of travel with the imagination of his own children, he couldn't help but bring these children's adventure stories to life. Look for multiple books each year with adventures from countries all over the world.

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Lisa Goes to England: Hard Cover: 978-1514811313, $9.99; eBook: 978-1514811316, $1.99; Lisa Goes to France: Hard Cover, 978-0996768214, $9.99; Author: Patrick Adams; Illustrator: Gary Undercuffler; Patrick’s World of Travel, LLC; Category: Children’s Fiction;  Availability:

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