Review Guidlines & Policy

We will accept books of any age range.

We will accept books from indie or "traditionally" published authors alike, as long as the book suits our tastes.

We will accept print, audio or ebooks for review, given they fit some criteria:
  • If your book is in audio, we will purchase it through Amazon. However, we only review on audio book a month.
  • If your book is available as an ebook, please let us know if it is on Kindle Unlimited as we'll purchase it.
  • If you only have print copies available for review, please send a copy to: Families Matter Book Review, 929 W. Sunset Blvd. suite #21-282, St. George Utah 84738

We will not read a series out of order. Unless we have read the first book/s, we will not accept a copy of a mid-series book for review.

We cannot read on a short deadline.

We are okay with any publish date. If it has been in the Kindle store for five years or comes out next July, we do not care. All books need love!

Genres We Enjoy:
Young Adult
Mainstream Fiction
Romance/Chick Lit

No-Go Genres:
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry/Free-Verse
  • Erotica
  • Memoirs
  • Religious fiction
  • Graphic Novels (not now at least)
  • **Satire

We reserve the right to decline any book at any time for any reason.

Accepting a review copy does not guarantee a review.

Reading a book does not guarantee a review.

All of our reviews are honest. We have biases. Please read past reviews to get a feel for our review style. Our reviews are based on feelings and almost never have any sort of synopsis. We also try to keep our reviews as entirely spoiler-free as possible, and will only spoil information that is in the blurb. 

If you would like your review posted to GoodReads, Amazon and linked on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn (we have over 2 million followers between all our social media connections), there is a small fee of $25 payable through PayPal. Payment does not guarantee a positive review.

You can email vsgrenier at gmail dot com if you think we will be interested in your book. Please provide at minimum: your name, the title, publish date, a blurb, and a link to the GoodReads or Amazon page.


*Stories for Children Publishing, LLC. (SFC) and its divisions do not receive any compensation for product reviews beyond a sample and/or limited access to a paid website. SFC donates all books sent for review to a charitable organization. SFC may do a contest or giveaway of samples we receive.